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Homeowners selling their own home usually encounter different types of people during the process of their home sale. Selling a home the traditional way” (i.e. listing the house on the MLS with an agent) can be a headache. That means fielding and negotiating offers with buyers’ agents who negotiate real estate deals for a living. Not all FSBO sellers are born negotiators, but those comfortable with the give-and-take of dealmaking naturally have a leg up on those averse to confrontation.for sale by owner

No matter where your home is located, you’ll be bound by federal statutes such as the Fair Housing Act , which prohibits sellers from discriminating against members of certain protected classes. Besides, if you are a first time seller in your homes, you will always lack knowledge on what is right or wrong in the transaction.

If you’re not represented by a participating real estate agent, your home’s not listed. Or you could pay a national real estate firm 6 percent to take lots of pictures, print brochures and advertise your house on their site. While they will incur a fee for this, it will be far less than the amount saved by not paying a real estate commission.

Typically it is the Full Service Real Estate Agent who is taking the room measurements for the sellers. Our sellers have been extremely successful because of the unparalleled exposure each property receives on our website. We were surprised to discover that most for sale by owner websites don’t have the numbers to support a large network of interested buyers.

Homeowners negotiating on their own may be hesitant to employ strong negotiation tactics when dealing with more experienced real estate professionals. 10. You may want to consult a real estate agent or appraiser about pricing your home. You will still have to pay a commission to an agent if they bring you a client that purchases the home but that is small in comparison to the savings you will get by selling the home yourself.