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for sale by ownerThere are some misconceptions that are usually made when selling a home via the FSBO process. If you are in a hot or cold market location, this can be an excellent tool for selling your home. By posting home with ByOwner your property will get the same exposure you’d receive from a traditional real estate company. One way to obtain cheap homes is to look for For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties – or homes that are being marketed and sold by the owners, not an agency or Broker.

Sellers want the convience of a quick sale without paying commission – but want the same sale price as listing the house for sale. Transactions involving a FSBO have a larger chance of leading to a lawsuit due to the seller not having an expert guiding them on real estate laws.

Our primary goal is to maintain an accurate and high traffic forum where home buyers and home sellers alike can easily find each other without using real estate agents, thus saving thousands of dollars in commissions. To be clear, in this article we’re talking about the overall process of selling your house on your own and not the website.

Great site for selling your property as the web site comes top in most searches and is linked to a lot of other sites where house hunters are searching for properties. They don’t have enough time to put into the sale of their home, so it stays on the market for even longer, which is a red flag for potential buyers whether it’s justifiable or not.

If you really need to sell the house, you will be willing to price your house at a very low value and accept a very low offer. Agents are more equipped than inexperienced homeowner who is selling his house. Sometimes, though, a realtor will do a free market analysis for you, hoping to gain your business in the process.