Aspen Condo Rentals

In the past condominiums were not necessarily considered to be a good investment for a variety of reasons, however that image has since changed dramatically. If you end up renting a condo, your property owner will differ from the unit next door. In a condo community, you share the financial responsibility of upkeep with everyone else. If you don’t budget for the increased fees, you run the risk of being priced out of your condo because you can’t afford to live there.Condo

Our condominiums are conveniently located throughout the Resort with easy access to the beach and all Resort amenities including restaurants, salon with spa services, shops, pools and award-winning activities. Down through the ages people have always said information is the key and looking at condos for sale is no different.

Condo insurance will need to cover your unit, rather than the entire building. Since our founding, has partnered with some of the largest property management companies to deliver ground breaking on-line web portals for their condos. Condo insurance differs from the homeowner’s insurance you might be used to. The condo association will have a master insurance policy in place, but these will differ from building to building.

The cost of the condos and apartments vary depending on their size and location. By law, condominium owners have certain rights and responsibilities as set out in the Condominium Act and regulations, as well as the declaration and by-laws for the condominium corporation they are members of.

For a number of people and families, condos offer a better option than a traditional├é┬áhome. There are many forms of real estate ownership that are similar to condominiums but not identical. A condominium unit is the part of a condominium property that’s individually owned and occupied.