Does your key stuck? Do this Way!

What happens when you want to enter the house and get the key stuck?

We don’t know when it will be happened. This unpredictable can happen when we are in a rush. However, just calm down, this time we will give you some information on how to deal with it. So, u already have this knowledge when this thing happens to you.

1. Use the Knock Key

Knocking out the key with the knocked key is a method that is usually used when the problem occurs.

However, we have to learn because it can be quite tricky. Keep in mind also that this method can broke the door when the quality of the house door is not good. The knocked key itself is a key that can be entered in any keyhole. However, this key does not work like the duplicate keys.

2. Use an Anti-Rust Cleaner or Oil

Usually, the stuck key house is caused by the rust inside the lock hole. Use a cleaning liquid with anti-rust material to clean it.

You can try this way:

  • Open the engine;
  • Pull the measuring stick; and
  • Drop the oil that attached on the measuring stick.

3. Call the Key Expert

If the methods above don’t work, maybe it’s time to call locksmith in Geebung.

4. Use a Screwdriver and Screw

This method can be used to overcome the stuck key that can’t be released.

How to open a stuck key door using a screw and a screw are as follows:

1. Remove the screw located in the inside of the key door handle.

2. Replace the old key with a new key that has a similar size as the old key.

3. Install the new key by entering a steel rod in the position of the handle hole and install the screws from the body of the key.

4. Install the key handle by screwing in the position of the hole that is already available.

5. Using the Hex key

How to open a door that can’t be revoked can also be done by using a Hex key. However, you can only apply this to the type of door with a round handle.

To use this to fix the stuck door, you must prepare a set of Hex keys.

With the right Hex key, put the key at the keyhole and the move it back and forth until it feels touching something.

If the Hex key has been in the right position, turn it slowly with the door padlock.