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Florida Real EstateOne of the reasons that the Florida real estate market has been sluggish over the past couple of years has been the result of property taxes in the state. Homestead exemptions in Florida exempt the home from the first $25,000 of assessed value if that home is used as a primary residence. Rather, it is the overall growth of the city and the appropriate utilization of its resources that contributed towards a higher real estate value.

You’re almost ready to start helping people buy and sell homes in Florida. Apart from this, you will never find an obstruction in selling you property, especially when the economy bounce back and the real estate market is once again vibrant. The recent decline in prices has followed up a very profitable period for real estate market.

Come on out to see, hear and learn about the REAL ESTATE MARKETS and TRENDS. This month we checked in with some of the people featured in that story, to find out how Irma affected them—and what their experiences augur for the future of the real estate market in Florida and other coastal areas.

It can be advantageous to work with a realtor when seeking investment properties in this area. Pass your real estate sales associate or broker exam on the first attempt with these excellent online exam preps. In 2016, Zillow predicted that one out of eight homes in Florida would be underwater by 2100, a loss of $413bn in property.

With increasing demand for new investment property choosing the right Florida holiday homes can be difficult. Investing in Southwest Florida real estate is an excellent opportunity at the present time, with historically good interest rates and an excellent inventory.