Florida Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The essential steps in Florida real estate investing is getting to know your market and knowing how to put value on the properties. Long time homeowners in Florida enjoy what is known as a “Save Our Homes” exemption that could be freezing the assessed home value far below what you are offering for the home. Now it is also important in Florida real estate investing to get to know the local service people like contractors.

And then there are the property taxes required to pay for all that work: Miami Beach’s plans are set to cost as much as $500 million. For over a century, South Florida’s spectacular Atlantic Ocean coastline, white sand beaches, and lush landscape have attracted people seeking the luxury of a tropical lifestyle in the United States.

Florida is the third most populous state in the United States, and as a result has a thriving residential real estate market. Often a bellwether for national real estate trends, Florida is now seeing noteworthy appreciation in real estate again post-recession.

That’s spurred a real estate building frenzy, with $10 billion-plus in infrastructure projects underway and nearly a billion in development in downtown Orlando alone. Come and meet the growing South Floirda team of Real Estate Investors. Sales are slowing because of accumulating inventory of unsold properties on the market.

Start analyzing real estate properties, we do the math for you. One of the biggest differences between the US real estate market and many other foreign nations is buyer agency. Mr. McNutt serves as Director of Retail Services for Ciminelli, and is responsible for leasing Ciminelli’s retail portfolio of properties throughout the Orlando and Tampa markets.Florida Real Estate