How to Improve Workflows and Management to Increase Construction Profit Margins?

The construction sector has the same goal for contractors as other businessmen seek in their niches –  the high-profit margins. It is possible to turn most projects into exceptionally profitable if the management strategy and workflow optimizations take place. The task of the general contractor is to find all the efficient ways for this purpose.

First, large building companies start with digital-friendly transformations. The implementation of construction pricing software, BIM systems, and other tools for faster progress and process automation. Secondly, it is necessary to create a one-of-the-kind strategy that will be tailored to the required purposes and results.

How to Improve RFI and Construction Workflows?

Remember that lack of optimizations and well-managed processes on the job site and in the office of the general contractor is about a wide range of challenges like:

  • Team conflicts;
  • Delays;
  • Poor budget planning;
  • Risks of overruns;
  • Other issues.

According to the latest research, about 80% of possible problems contractors and subcontractors have related to poorly managed workflows. It means that various collaborations bring low-quality RFI and challenging workflow backgrounds. To skip these unpleasant conditions for your business in the building sector, take a closer look at tips for better request-for-information and construction workflow improvements.

1 – Digital Solutions for Better Request for Information

Remember that your company should switch to paperless processes as soon as possible. This way your workflows will become more flexible and free from dependence on paper documentation. Better communication, fast corrections, speedy reactions, and approvals of changes are about digitization.

You can create a true digital-friendly ecosystem that will improve RFI rates and profit margins significantly almost from the very beginning. For enhanced and risk-free RFIs and construction submittals, try to automate on-site processes and create an optimized management strategy through digital tools.

Here is a range of tips for contractors who would like to try these transformations in the context of workflows:

  • Implement the best-matching management platform that will be easily integrated into the existing corporate system. All the procedures should be tracked by the lead manager, risk manager, and other management-driven specialists.
  • Cloud-based tools and mobile-friendly solutions also matter for your progress. All the team members should have access to communication channels, working networks, and reporting spreadsheets via any device (including PCs and pocket screens).
  • Explore estimating and bidding software together with AI-based modeling programs. Both your designers and estimators will be very thankful for such helpful optimizations. Most reports and modeling tasks will be almost automated and quite faster in comparison with 100% manual manipulations.

Remember that quality software is the best way to exclude the human-factor mistakes that take place almost in any department of the construction company. Additionally, all the stages of the building are well-checked and monitored through modern digital tools. Create the most optimal environment for your team to be pleased with ever-growing profit margins.

2 – Streamlining Workflows Through Onboarding and Tighter Interactions

Imagine that your departments separately work great. But lack of communication and any interactions between specialists cause delays and other challenges in various phases of building. For example, your architect and designers create real masterpieces to be proud of. But they can hardly provide all the project plans to estimators timely.

This way you have weak spots in the pre-construction phase. It is worth noting that your workflows will suffer from misunderstanding and zero communication between departments. Then, these problems will more serious when it comes to the construction and post-construction phases.

The best variant is to arrange regular meetings together with all the team members or at least gather leads like the chief estimator, architect, manager, and engineer. Do not about your on-site workers. They should deliver and get the hottest insights as well. It is critically important to enhance your communication together with arrange to onboard when new digital solutions are implemented.

Software, apps, and other tools should become life-saving approaches for your team’s work. But the lack of timely onboarding can promote shock and stress in the context of your specialists. People can avoid using new digital-friendly algorithms if they do not have any idea about working with these or those programs. Your task is to explain everything and show the benefits of new-gen solutions.