Independent Contractors In Information Technology

ContractorDepending on the nature of your home project you may need to determine a payment schedule with your contractor. PT. Alkonusa Teknik Interkon are committed to provide services in timely manner, appropriate quality, and cost effective in accordance with the customer requirements and ISO 9001:2008 while maintaining safety and health of our workers as the fulfillment of national HSE regulations, OHSAS 18001:2007 and other requirements; by performing improvement continuously.

For most people, the mere thought of hiring a contractor is enough to induce nightmares of epic proportions-crazed contractors showing up late, leaving early, and offering shoddy workmanship at best, all to the tune of some figure that’s 10 times what was originally promised.

When you’re under contract to work with a company, you’ll take direction from the company about the specific work they want you to do. Depending on the job you’re assigned to do, you may need to attend meetings, track the time you spend on a project, and use the company’s computer and software.

According to nationally noted contractor and consumer advocate William Morsen, the best defense for consumers who are considering hiring a contractor is to become educated about various aspects of building and take an active part in planning their projects.

If any of the information you want for the proposal is missing, or if they withhold information from you, those are red flags and I would suggest moving on, and finding a licensed contractor that will share all of the information you need to feel comfortable before moving forward with your project.Contractor