Is FSBO Safe?

Should you, as a homeowner, looking to sell your home, consider selling the property yourself or take the conventional route and engage a Realtor? I’m happy to say we sold our EP home through Casa By Owner and I would definitely recommend CBO to anyone looking to sell their home. I really enjoyed my Sale By Owner experience. Real estate deals go sideways all the time, and using an escrow account ensures your money is safe in the unfortunate, and uncool, event that something does go wrong.

Most sellers who attempt a FSBO listing are looking to save on realtor fees. Share them with facts backed with real statistics to help FSBOs make an informed decision to use an agent instead. And on top of scheduling actual potential buyers, you also have to deal with both looky-loos (gawkers with no intention of buying the house) and sharks,” (investors looking to flip your house for a profit).

With sites such as Zillow and Trulia available on demand, the for-sale-by-owner process (FSBO) is increasingly popular today as more information is readily available online, and as smartphone photography has made marketing ridiculously easy. Along the top navigation menu, hover over the Sell tab and click For sale by owner.

I was extremely happy with After just 1 day of my home being listed, I was already receiving several emails and phone calls from Realtors and potential buyers. There are many factors why sellers overprice a home. Full-time agents participate in dozens of sales per year; those associated with larger brokerages see dozens or hundreds for sale by owner

I forgot the last time that somebody was so honorable and honest about their services and not wanting to oversell any of them. More than likely, you, as the seller, will pay the expense of marketing your property and your selling cost would consist of only your closing costs.