Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Easy and Practical Interior Design Strategies for The Family Room


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, irrespective of the styles you have in mind for your family room, it should be a comfortable place where you can spend quality time with friends and family. Decorating the room to be appealing while also preserving its practicality is an art. Let’s check out a few practical interior design strategies for the family room.

The Discussion

1. Choose practical colors – Family rooms shouldn’t just be comfortable but durable as well. This means different things for different homes and different families. For instance, if you have small children or babies at home, your family room would be ripe for abuse. Things would get messy very quickly. The same holds for homes with pets. You need to account for that and choose fabrics accordingly. Usually, mid-tones are a safe bet since they don’t get as visibly soiled as dark or light shades. Light or dark shades also show signs of wear very quickly.

2. Materials – When it comes to the material, leather is a great choice. Stains can be wiped clean very easily and it feels premium as well. However, you should avoid leather if you have pets at home. Leather is more susceptible to scratches and the sharp nails of your pets aren’t very forgiving. Apart from that, corduroy and denim are also great materials. They are durable yet inviting and add a lot of depth and twists compared to plain wool or cotton.

However, the ideal choice of material would be a blend of synthetic and natural fibers to get the best of both worlds. While shopping for fabrics, make sure to conduct a bend test to ensure that the weaving is tight and doesn’t expose the backing material. Tight weaves make the fabric more durable and leave fewer gaps for dirt and dust.

3. Add a patterned rug – Patterns are powerful design tools that can easily hide signs of wear and stains and infuse a fresh dose of energy into a boring room. Patterns add a lot of interest to the floor and draw attention to it while anchoring a  seating area flawlessly. Even if you have soft carpeting, a patterned rug can work wonders for the family room.

4. Choose movable stools and tables – Irrespective of the colors you choose for the family room furniture and furnishings, try to stick to as many movable stools and tables as possible. Lightweight tools, ottomans, side chairs, and tables can be moved around with ease and open up your options when a lot of guests turn up. Your guests won’t need to awkwardly find seating space or stand around with little to no room for placing drinks and food. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips and strategies for designing the family room. It just needs to be cozy and practical. Don’t overthink it and don’t take the task too seriously. Mistakes would be made, and you’d have all the time to fix them.