foreclosureForeclosure sales are conducted online, generally Monday through Thursday, at 10:00 a.m. Bidding begins at 9 a.m. No sales are conducted on designated holidays Check the online auction calendar for the exact dates of upcoming sales. Before this period you should receive a legal document stating when and where the auction of your home is going to be. It is important to note this date because if you are not able to redeem your property than you should be making plans to leave the home at once.

This means that if you do not pay your remaining mortgage balance in full as well as the legal fees, late charges and other penalties within three months, you will be receiving a Notice of Sale, which will be posted on the door of the property that is being foreclosed.

Mortgagees do not have to foreclose on mortgages that are in default They are free to negotiate with mortgagors For example, they might agree to adjust the terms of the mortgage , refinance, allow the mortgagor to sell the property, or allow the mortgagor to make up for his or her missed payments.

Driven by our understanding of client business issues and concerns, we seek to achieve the best possible results for clients facing the turmoil of complex commercial collections, real estate foreclosures, and foreclosures on assets that secure asset-based loans.

Bring (mail or in person) a recorded copy of the Affidavit of Postponement along with a copy of the Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale to the Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Unit at least 15 days prior to the original sale date, along with the service fee.