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duplex for saleWith their long thick fair fur, jet black noses, and extra large size, the friendly faces you’d be looking into may sound like and look a little like a polar bear cub but these are the beautiful breed of domestic dog known as the Great Pyrenees. There are two main ways to search for duplexes for sale. Typically, duplexes are used for house hacking, where the owner lives in one unit and rents out the other. Thus, if you are planning to invest in real estate in Wildwood, New Jersey then your investment is going to be worth the amount you spend on its capital because values of properties are going to appreciate in time.

The money you would normally spend on a single family residential mortgage payment (PITI) can be saved, in whole or in part, as a down payment for the next duplex during the time you live in the property. Duplexes also work as a nice entry point for investors (whether new or transitioning from residential-only) to enter the commercial market.

CityFeet has listings for both sales and rentals. They can be found by adding filters for price, building size, and further breakdowns of multifamily—high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise. If you are looking into duplex properties for sale with this intent in mind, then you should make sure it is possible to turn the property into condos before you buy.duplex for sale

First, let’s look at the listings platforms that you can use to search specifically for duplexes” for sale. Do a special search for the updated lists of homes and other property that will be auctioned off in your area by government and surplus homes auctions.

Eventually, your property can bring you more than just rental income. There are some areas that require you to construct specific designs of duplex houses. Upon selecting a location, you can add Multifamily ” as your property type, as well as add other granular filters such as price and keywords.