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A question came across my desk last week about a woman that was in a serious situation and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. This woman lets call her Ms. X was in the process of moving from a rental property to a home that she was buying. Before they even meet with a lender, one step home buyers can take to begin understanding what they can afford as a monthly mortgage payment is to plug their info into an online home affordability calculator This will calculate the maximum amount you can afford as a monthly payment.

But just as online retail has hurt the bricks-and-mortar retail industry, and tech-enabled social networks have changed not just high-school reunions but the political process, data-fied real estate could upend our lives in many ways, some we can’t even comprehend yet.

Mike: Well the first step to find a place is you, generally you have to work with a realtor, somebody who has access to homes that are for sale, and then you sort of look through the listings and you find ones that you like, that you can afford, and then you visit with the realtor, and say you find a house that you like, like there is one that we’re going to visit today that we think we like and we’re going to check it out again.

We knew it was the right time for us, that we had saved enough money finally and we also knew the general area we wanted to look in but actually when it came to both finding our dream house and buying our dream house – we were unprepared for everything it really entailed.

Therefore, when buying a Phoenix Arizona home or condo, you should do it with the intention of staying in that home for at least five years; looking at such a purchase as a chance to “flip” the property for a quick profit would be a grave financial mistake.