Stream Movies and TV Shows using Plex

Hey!! Let me ask you a question. Can you tell me what you like to watch in your free time? You may like to watch movies, tv episodes, documentaries, sports, live TV and many more other things. What are the sources you are using? Most of the time you may use your cable TV and some video streaming services. But most of these includes only limited content that match with your favors. Sometimes you may need to own several apps and devices to fulfil your needs. But think how nice it would be if there is one place that contains all you like to watch. Do you like to own such a marvelous app that includes all you want to watch in one place? Then this is the best platform for you. That is the app Plex. If streaming is lag or more buffering even if you have better internet connection, then it will be due to device performance. You can use speed boosting apps like Clean Master. Clean Master will remove all unwanted junks, background processes, reduce CPU workload and many more to gain more performance out the device.

What is Plex?

As I mentioned above the Plex for Android TV is a superb streaming service where you can find anything your heart desires to watch in one place. At anywhere, anytime there are no any restrictions to entertain yourself with this nice app. As well the most attention-grabbing feature of the app is that there is no subscription needed here. You can watch videos in Plex app in HD quality with yes player app.

What you can watch using Plex?

Movies- all most all of us like to entertain ourselves with as interesting movies at the time we are free. Finding a wonderful item to watch using this Plex is very easy. There is something always new to select from. Anyone can select anything he may like from award won movies, movies from world famous producers, documentaries and so on. You can watch family fantasies together with your kids. As well this includes movies belonging to each and every genre like romance, action, thrill, horror, comedy and so forth.

TV shows- just like the tons of movies this includes tons of TV episodes too. The collection is huge and there is always something to watch here.

Live TV- no need to have a cable TV to watch your favorite TV channel. There is more than 80+ live TV channels you can watch via Plex. You can watch any category you like here. Cookery, fashion, sports, news etc.  you can have access to most trusted news from the trusted news sources all over the world.

Podcasts- this is another category of entertainment you can find if you want. There are thousands of podcasts to find via this.

This app available on play store TV. You can use Filelinked like third party app stores to install this awesome streaming app on any Android TV box.

Features of Plex

This helps you to create your own collection of your favorite movies, tv episodes, documentaries, podcasts, photos and so on.

This gives you some recommendations that you may like to watch based on your search.

You can skip your video 30 seconds in here while watching.

If you are interested in this nice app Plex, then download it easily from the Google Play Store. If your Android phone does not support Play Store, you can use AC Market or Aptoide to install this app.