What Property Will You Actually Own?

CondoBuying a Bangkok Condo is ideal for the foreign purchaser since Bangkok has restrictions on purchasing land. A condo, which is short for condominium,” is a private residence owned by an individual homeowner or family in a building or community with multiple units or townhouses. If condos are selling like hotcakes in the current local market, then you have to expect it for a higher price.

As a practical matter, builders tend to build condominiums to higher quality standards than apartment complexes because of the differences between the rental and sale markets. No. With new condo hotel properties, the prices are always set by the developer and are exactly the same whether you buy directly from an onsite salesperson at the property or using a broker.Condo

A: My advice is this: if you’re thinking of buying into a condominium community, know that you are giving up some of your individual rights. The main advantage of the condo ownership is the ability to get affordable house in a highly desired area that generally is out reach economically.

In addition to paying for your unit and a proportionate share of the common property, you also pay monthly condominium fees, along with all of the other unit owners. Senior-based condominiums are often designed with emergency response systems that can be activated by their residents when needed.

We are a unique team of property management veterans with extensive experience in condo management, our goal is to create the best, most innovative community websites for condos around the world. Condos can be townhouses that are attached on one or both sides to another unit.